A glimpse into the moment: Campground Wedding

Fish eating creek, Palmade, Florida

Kristin and Tommy's wedding at Fish Eating Creek Outpost, nestled in Palmdale, Florida, was a celebration deeply intertwined with their love for nature and organic living. As a photographer, capturing their special day was a true joy. From the moment they walked down the aisle barefoot, the connection to nature was palpable. Surrounded by towering trees and the serene sounds of the outdoors, Kristin and Tommy exchanged vows that echoed their deep bond with the natural world.

The campground setting provided the perfect backdrop for their love of organic food, with farm-to-table delights sprinkled throughout the day. From locally sourced produce to sustainably sourced ingredients, every detail reflected their commitment to eco-conscious living. The beautiful floral arrangements added a touch of whimsy and elegance to the rustic charm of the outpost, creating a visual feast for the senses.

Kristin and Tommy's love story, intertwined with their passion for nature and sustainability, made their day truly unique and special. As they danced under the starlit sky, surrounded by loved ones and the beauty of the outdoors, it was clear that their love was as timeless and enduring as the natural world itself. It was an honor to document the magic of Kristin and Tommy's wedding day, a celebration of love, nature, and the beauty of living harmoniously with the earth.

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