Hi, I am Paige Monet

I proudly call El Paso, TX my original home, a place where my roots run deep. Yet, destiny guided me to the lively shores of South Florida, and I've been soaking in the sunshine for a remarkable ten years. My fascination with the arts traces back to the days when I was a wide-eyed little girl, sketching my dreams and layering them with colors on canvas. Today, those cherished artistic beginnings still fill my life with joy and meaning.

High school was a turning point – that's where I discovered the captivating world of Film Photography. The click of the camera, the tangible connection to each frame, and the anticipation of a developed image thrilled me to no end. Those were the moments that truly set my heart on fire.

However, there's another layer to my story that makes it even more vibrant. For several years now, I've been fortunate to pursue my passion for photography as a full-time profession. Each day, I get to wield my camera to tell stories, capture emotions, and encapsulate fleeting moments that become cherished memories. This journey as a professional photographer has not only honed my skills but also gifted me with the privilege of turning my passion into a career.

As I reflect on these past few years, gratitude washes over me in waves. To wake up every morning and realize that my job involves what I love most, to have the opportunity to weave narratives through photographs, is a blessing I treasure deeply. The connections I've forged, the stories I've documented, and the emotions I've captured are all threads woven into the tapestry of my career.

In this ever-evolving journey, I'm reminded time and again that the people I meet are at the heart of it all. The ability to freeze moments, emotions, and stories in time is a profound privilege, and I'm humbled to call it my career. It's a constant reminder that through the art of photography, I'm not only capturing visuals but also encapsulating the essence of life itself.

Engagement and wedding photography storytelling



“I would book Paige a million times over again for wedding photos! She was absolutely amazing. She was punctual, and when I say on top of things, I mean it. She worked with us and around all our plans for the day. From the moment the day began, she captured every moment and delivered some AMAZING pictures. It felt like we had known her all our life! Her energy was great, she as beyond friendly and helpful and she really guided us. She 100000% knows what she's doing!”