Amber & Cody

Spirit Mountain, Duluth Minnesota

As a professional destination and documentary photographer, I've had the privilege of documenting countless love stories, but there's something truly special about Amber and Cody's wedding at Spirit Mountain, Duluth, Minnesota. Their journey from high school sweethearts to a lifetime of love culminated in a breathtaking celebration in the heart of Minnesota. In this post, I'll not only share their inspiring love story but also provide insights into the art of destination wedding photography and how a documentary approach can make your special day even more unforgettable.

Ceremony on spirit Mountain hill top

Amber and Cody's Love Story

Amber and Cody, now the Gibbsons, share a love story that spans over a decade. They first met in high school and, since then, their love has continued to grow stronger with each passing day. Their journey together took them to different places, but their hearts remained rooted in their Minnesota roots. Ultimately, they decided to tie the knot in Duluth, where their love story began.

The Pre-wedding Shoot:

To kick off their wedding festivities, we captured breathtaking bridal portraits on the iconic North Shore. The majestic backdrop of Lake Superior and the rugged beauty of the shoreline perfectly complemented Amber's and Cody's love for each other. The natural light and picturesque scenery made for stunning photographs, setting the tone for the entire wedding weekend.

Documenting the Wedding Day:

Getting Ready Photos

The day of the wedding began with the excitement and anticipation of getting ready. Amber and Cody's loved ones surrounded them, creating an atmosphere filled with love and support. Capturing these moments candidly as they unfolded added a personal touch to their wedding album.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place at Spirit Mountain, with the picturesque beauty of Duluth as the backdrop. One of the most memorable moments was when Amber and Cody shared a passionate "dip kiss" in the middle of the aisle. This spontaneous gesture beautifully encapsulated their love and excitement, and I was there to document it.

Editoral Photographer
Editoral Photographer
Editoral Photographer
Editoral Photographer


Following the ceremony, we took some time to capture more portraits. Duluth's natural beauty, paired with Amber's and Cody's radiant smiles, made for a perfect blend of candid and posed shots. I emphasized capturing authentic moments that showcased their love and connection.


The day concluded with a lively and heartfelt reception where Amber and Cody celebrated their union with family and friends. The speeches, dances, and candid moments were captured to tell the story of their day in a truly documentary style.


Destination Photography and the Documentary Approach:

Amber and Cody's destination wedding at Spirit Mountain, Duluth, was a testament to the power of documenting love stories authentically. As a destination photographer, capturing the essence of a location is as important as telling the couple's love story. Minnesota's natural beauty and Duluth's charm played a significant role in creating stunning backdrops for their wedding photos.

A documentary approach to photography emphasizes capturing real moments, emotions, and the unscripted elements of the day. It's about telling a genuine love story through your lens, focusing on the raw emotions and candid interactions that make each wedding unique. This approach not only brings out the couple's personalities but also helps to preserve memories that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, Amber and Cody's destination wedding in Duluth, Minnesota, was an unforgettable experience for me as a photographer. Their love story, paired with the stunning scenery, provided a perfect canvas for a documentary approach to destination wedding photography. As a destination photographer, it's essential to embrace the unique qualities of each location and the individual stories of the couples you photograph, ensuring that every image captures the essence of the moment.

If you're planning a destination wedding or looking for a documentary photographer who can authentically capture your love story, reach out to me. I'd be honored to be a part of your journey.